Principal Message

“ Enlightenment and Liberty through Education ”
-Sree Narayana Guru
The students today face multifarious challenges and problems, which are entirely different from what we, the elder generation had to confront. Therefore it is our primary duty to help them stay calm and focused. Our aim will be to instill in them the will to work hard and the readiness to make sincere efforts. Along with this, we should also be patient and tolerant in our intervention with them and always be ready to spend our valuable time, to make them feel at home and loved. We should refrain from ruining their self-esteem, on the other hand, we should encourage them to boost their confidence and upgrade their skill sets. We have to keep them highly motivated. A stress-free atmosphere is extremely important for creating dynamic development in their capacity to study; we have to look into this aspect also.

I wish all our dear students great success and fulfillment in their onwards journey to a dream career. Dr. Vinod Kumar C